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With recent law changes and the development of our custom software, your business can now accept all cards for FREE! EasySwipe Introduces Zero Fee Credit Card Processing!

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  • 100% legal

    We are fully licenced, compliant, and insured. Can you do it yourself? Sure, but not legally and you'd pay extra taxes.
    With us, you stay hands-off and retain 100% of your profit.

  • Easy to start

    Have a conversation with one of our agents and learn how we can integrate with your company specifically.
    Pick up the phone and let us handle the rest.

  • One Swipe to Easy savings

    EasySwipe accepts invoicing, all credit card types and mobile wallets such as ApplePay®, SamsungPay® & more, just ask!

  • No hidden fees

    Everything is transparent from the start. You will be given a portal to access your documents, analytics and insights.

  • Save from day one

    Once approved, you will be given a virtual terminal to instantly to start saving, while your terminal is in transit!

  • No commitment

    You can try us out and we can even work side-by-side with your current processor!

Zero Fee Processing
U.S. buisinesses have always faced an uphill battle with processing, further driven by the rise of card usage and technology. Until recent law changes and EasySwipe's custom software, businesses were penalized for growth by way of processing fees. Our technology allows all businesses unrestricted growth, a right that was once only reserved for goverment and top corporations.
We offer two programs, so if "Cash Discount" doesnt apply to your business, don't fret and simply contact us now to see how we can best fit your business.